Pronounced: Kooo-Amm  Trans: ‘To Me’

Made between Ciarraí and Cork during the quiet Covid period, Chugam is inspired by the sea and rolling waves – the balm, beauty and constancy of it all. ‘Chugam’ translates from Irish to English as ‘To Me’ – it feels like a mantra – an invocation – of mine. Willing yourself forwards, despite the elements.

It’s about standing on the shoreline,  harnessing the power and energy of  the sea, facing forward, in to a frightening (yet possibly fabulous!) future.

Lean Ar aghaidh! And always forwards


Ps: Here is  a link to a play list of songs I listened to while making these paintings. They chart the ups and downs of a topsy-turvy time. The song that for me sums up Chugam is Tá’n T’ádh Liom by Rónán O’Snodaigh. It’s a wonderful song about counting your blessings and honoring the grace that is at work in all our lives. Rónán & Myles O’Reily made a wonderful short film for the song HERE  – watch to the end for a short clip where Rónán explains the thoughts behind the lyrics. You can hear the full play list HERE enjoy x

And thanks for all the support, I am thankful, now more than ever – for all the grace at work in my life x


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