Early layers

‘Permission to land’ – When painting it often feels as though much of the painting is created outside of one self. As if there are any given no’s of ideas and sensations whirring in the air – just outside (but close to) my head. A bunch of creative hunches which, when meshed into the ‘soup’ of circumstance and cosmic timing can become its own formula. Like ideas waiting to be born.

Timing, chance and good ol luck play a significant part in the work. But turning up is everything. Ten years in there is no end to the stuff I don’t know but I know with certainty there is no silver bullet. It’s called ‘the work’ for a reason

All that to say, my initial layers on this painting are pleasing to my eye. I’m typically an oil painter but I recently bought some beautiful heavy body Wallace Seymour acrylic paints from Sue at The Beara Gallery . Wallace Seymour are my fave paints – their oils are truly exceptional – it’s made by artists. Sue stocks a super range of materials alongside great art and her view is worth the trip alone.

I am getting Turner vibes here – so for now we are on track. I used tons of water with the acrylics to get this ethereal sense – it is the feeling I have when I’m on Lough Mask with my Dad – kind of a time out of time – dream time, special time, my life time. More next week.