Fresh 5.5ft-er

As refreshing as Summer rain, Monday morning in the studio – starting on a great big canvas – feels super fresh and energizing despite mega muggy weather.

After what feels like millennia in abstention, I’m back to blogging as a sort of studio diary. Painting most usually comes from a v quiet part of my brain. Reality gets somewhat suspended so keeping track of my thoughts here helps me recollect the process by which paintings evolve and come to be.

As I embark on a series of my largest paintings to date, I’m not entirely sure what they are about and have only hunches as to what they will look like. My paintings tend to be made in up to 50 layers of oils so often hunches only haunt paintings in early stages.

At the outset I do know they are a response to time on the Mayo Lakes – most recently fishing with my Dad. They are underpinned by that landscape and themes of impermanence and an increasing concern about water quality and our natural world.

I’ll post here a few times a week to keep myself accountable and record these works as they develop. I’m sure there may be a way to subscribe to updates – I’ll figure that out in time.