To be full of future – dreams, plans, schemes and such – is a lovely, latent kind of energy. That’s how I felt when making this painting. 

As a rookie artist …read more


‘Threshold’ marked the beginning  of so much newness for me. 

After years (and years!) of treading water and often struggling to keep afloat, my painting practice and by association my life,  suddenly and almost imperceptibly hit a growth spurt.

Making my largest paintings …read more


My Dad Mick has fished the Mayo Lakes – Lough Mask & Lough Carra every May in tandem with the emergence of the May Fly. Some years more prolifically than others but it is always a place of joy for him. By proxy, genes or otherwise, his joy…read more


Inspired by time fishing with my father on the Mayo Lakes, Nocturne is evocative of days ending and that very special light particular to the low sun on the lakes.

I am a fair weather fisher…read more

‘(Tis) All Before Us’

‘Tis – the west of Ireland abbreviation of ‘it is’ is a term I love to hear. The softness of it fills me with affection. 

‘Tis was also the title of Frank McCourt’s second memoir. Following on from his best-selling ‘Angela’s Ashes’ which portrayed the bleakness of Ireland in the earlier half of the last century. 

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‘Begin To Hope’ 

‘Begin to Hope’ was painted towards the end of Covid time, when it seemed we were all beginning to flow forward. 

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‘In West Clare’ (We are Eternal)’

In my life, I have only toured through Clare twice – once on a teaching assignment at the wonderful Burren School of Art, it was high Spring and wild flowers were a wonder as  was the Nivea blue sea. We were blessed with great weather and lovely dips after class. 

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‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working’ so said Picasso. I agree – turning up is everything, yet inspiration turns up in many places. Often the oddest of places. For me, Ideas often solidify when walking or in the shower, And always, always in music. The title for this painting   …read more

‘From Valencia (Above Us Only Sky)’

I have, for many year, loved to paint on Bolus Head, so much so that I neglected Valentia island for far too long. 

A break away to Bray Head...read more

‘A Turn For Grace’

I read a headline many years ago titled ‘A stage for the performance of heaven’. The article* discussed how the Calder Valley had been poet Ted Hughes ‘tuning fork’.  I loved the notion of inspiration as a wide open plain. It seemed boundless, yet active.  

I have the article pinned above my desk – …read more