Between Tides

The Storm After The Calm

The Storm after the Calm charts my most recent inspirations and explorations in oil and cold wax.
Typically, I work in response to particular locations and / or residencies but this collection is more ‘home grown’ – more of what can be termed ‘the internal landscape’ .

Much of life, I think is – and can be termed – ‘holding on and letting go’. This collection focused on the latter. It’s about that time in life when you’re poodling along, thinking you’ve got the hang of it, when you kind of loose the map and need to re-calibrate. This doesn’t necessitate cause for concern, it is merely ‘process’ – finding a new way of mapping and.. painting.

I am the better for it.

Please note: All paintings are ready to hang and sized Width x Height in centimetres.
The size indicated is the painting size so please add an extra 2 cm to width and height for the slip frame.