WE RAISED €5593.06 FOR MERCY NURSES! (That’s 580 tickets @ €10 less credit card fees!).


1. Emer Harrington
2.Siobhan Fleming
3.Caroline Foley
4. Simone O’Neill
5. Waldo Gibson
6. Annemarie Coady
7. Daire Halpin
8. John Welch
9. Claire Laurie
10. Niamh Harbourne

Thanks so much for ALL YOUR SUPPORT You are ALL amazing And we ARE ALL BETTER TOGETHER


First Prize:

The Sun Also Rises

Oil on canvas

40cm x 40cm

Ready to hang in slip frame

RRP: €695

Second Prize:

Skylarkin’ by the Shoreline

Limited Edition Print (Medium size)

RRP: €225

10 Prizes in Total:

8 X Bundle Packs

Each bundle (RRP €55 each) includes: A Gift Box of Art Cards, A set of Notelets and a copy of my book HOME!

Yours for €10! Buy a Raffle Ticket Below.

Please help me to treat the Mercy  Nursing Staff.

***TICKET SALES UPATE**  13th April 2020: Thank you all SO much, we have already sold 500 tickets that’s €5,000 going directly to the Mercy Hospital Nurses.  Please keep spreading the word.

Please note: Winner(s!)  will be announced following close of COVID restrictions. I’ll update here re: additional prizes xx You are ALL heroes!

My studio is located alongside the Mercy Hospital here in Cork city.
As a close neighbour I see the sheer kindness and absolute professionalism of the hospital staff on a daily basis. I also see how hard they work and how much they genuinely care for us.
Like many of you, since this Covid-19 Crisis began, I have wanted to do something to demonstrate my support for the Nursing Staff who are working so hard and so selflessly to keep us all alive.
I will ensure the support we can offer collectively – the proceeds of this raffle – goes directly to the nurses for them to spend as they wish.
I understand other fundraisers are taking care of their food needs etc,  so I’m keen this money will go directly to the nurses to use as a treat –  in whatever way makes their life easier / better – be that hand creams for all, or foot spas in the common rooms.
Please trust I will make sure every cent raised from this raffle will be of direct benefit to The Mercy Nursing Staff.
Prize Winners will be announced on Monday 18th May 2020
Following discussions with Nurse Representatives and The Mercy Hospital Trust, it was decided to allow the Raffle to roll until  Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and we can safely meet to conduct the raffle. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.
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Please do share this raffle with your friends and anyone else you think might be interested.
If you have any queries please contact me at: cora@coramurphy.com
Good luck, lean ar aghaidh and thanks!