‘From Valencia’ (Above us only Sky)

I have, for many year, loved to paint on Bolus Head, so much so that I neglected Valentia island for far too long.

A break away to Bray Head on a bracing day, or otherwise, is always worth the climb and was fine food for the stew of this painters pot. The view to the Skelligs is spectacular. It seems to me the weather sometimes falls away into the sea. As if it sort of changes its mind half way across from the mainland, somehow getting distracted on its way, the elements
causing light to land in the sea. The colours changing in accordance with light and heat, filling the spectrum.
From the viewing point it makes for a great stage show, mist, fog and clouds all in the mix of atmospheric textures giving a heavenly vibe. There is so much sky, God can’t be far away

Oil On Canvas:

180cm x 120cm

In Slip Frame Ready To Hang