Abstracting the Landscape

My Exclusive Online Painting Course

This workshop teaches participants how to abstract elements of the landscape and create their own painterly response. Through a series of fun and stimulating exercises, you will learn how to approach painting in a fresh and creative manner while tapping into and developing your own intuitive painting style.

What is included:   

  • Exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage of my own process.
  • An extensive video library of recorded support classes  such as photo-transfer technique, collage, glazing and texture.
  • A private, supported Learning Hub group where participants can share work and questions.
  • Comprehensive reading and resource list of books, audio and video learning materials.
  • Downloadable Cheat-Sheets with top tips on how to start, edit and complete your own paintings
  • Slide Show on specific areas of Art, Artists & their techniques and my sphere of influence.
  • Life-time access to all learning resources

Who is it for:

Open to absolute beginners and those with a little or a lot of painting experience (in any medium!).

Please note: A key aim of this workshop is to help painters to loosen their painting style. If you want to create a photo-realist likeness, dear reader – lovingly –  this is not the workshop for you.

Nerd Note: In this workshop we  work in layers, so we use acrylic paints to speed-up drying time. We also use glaze layers to mimic the quality of oils. This technique has been known to convert / blow the minds of committed oil painters!! If this sounds like gobbledegook to you, don’t worry yer grand! You can of course work in oils if you prefer.