This collection began life in Kerry in high Summer and was completed in Decembers baltic coldness in my city studio. It was inspired by time spent strolling (and speeding) through boreens brim-full of wildflowers to back streets burgeoning with fuzzy-wuzzy weeds.

The term ‘God’ is problematic (and inspirational!) for many of us. I prefer ‘Nature’ – I absolutely, completely and utterly believe in nature. Whatever the force or that alchemy of atoms that pushes roots forwards, upwards and out of the earth, to defy gravity and BLOOM. That same force that sends grass up through sidewalks and weeds up and out of walls. And the knowing-ness of plant life (at a cellular level) that seasons have passed and it is time to let go with grace. So this collection is about nature, about blooming – about holding on and letting go (as per!) and about seeing ‘God’ (or Nature – your choice) in everything, everywhere and in everyone – even in the toughest of times.

As usual there is a playlist for your delectation HERE – these are the songs I listened to while making this work.

Thanks as ever for all your support.



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