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Abstracting the Landscape

4 Week Online Painting Course –

Find inspiration. Tap into your curiosity. Connect with nature. Learn to create with confidence. Complete great paintings.

In this four week online course you’ll develop your own intuitive painting style in a series of fun and stimulating creative exercises. Carve out time and space for yourself. Come away feeling more connected, inspired and proud of giving it a go!

This workshop teaches participants how to abstract elements of the landscape and create their own painterly response. Through a series of fun and stimulating exercises, you will learn how to approach landscape painting in a fresh and creative manner while tapping into and developing your own intuitive painting style.

Please note: Places are limited and sold on a first come, first served basis.

We ALL have the capacity to be creative.

Absolutely NO experience is required. I’ll help you jump straight in.

“My hope for this course is it will demystify the creative and painting process (I never went to art school either!) and help you find flow and joy in your own creations. Painting really is magic for the mind and it will be my absolute delight to share my process with you”

See you in class!

What is included:   

  • 4 x Weekly LIVE Online Painting Workshops with demos. 11am – 1pm each Sunday.
  • Exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ weekly footage of my own process.
  • An extensive video library of recorded support classes  such as photo-transfer technique, collage, glazing and texture.
  • A private, supported Learning Hub group where participants can share work and questions.
  • Comprehensive Follow-On notes every week
  • Reading and resource list of books, audio and video learning materials.
  • Downloadable Cheat-Sheets with top tips on how to start, edit and complete your own paintings
  • Weekly slide show on specific areas of Art, Artists & their techniques and sphere of influence.
  • Access to recorded (and downloadable) class replays:  you can listen whenever, wherever and study at your own pace.
  • Life-time access to all learning resources

Who is it for:  

Open to absolute beginners and those with a little or a lot of painting experience (in any medium!). The only thing you really need for this class is an open mind and a willingness to have fun while painting.

If you’ve fallen off the creative wagon. I’ll help you get back on track.

Remember- you are not too old, it’s not too late and you’re not too fat!

Please note: A key aim of this workshop is to help painters to loosen their painting style. If you want to create a photo-realist likeness, dear reader – lovingly –  this is not the workshop for you.

Nerd Note: In this workshop we  work in layers, so we use acrylic paints to speed-up drying time. We also use glaze layers to mimic the quality of oils. This technique has been known to convert / blow the minds of committed oil painters!! If this sounds like gobbledegook to you, don’t worry yer grand!

Price:  €245.00  Early bird: €195.00 

Please note:  Session 1 is now sold out – please join the Wait List for first dib on next course (+ Early Bird!)


“My artistic ability amounted to drawing stick men but Cora assured me everyone has the talent to be an artist – you just need to rediscover the joy of painting again! In a relaxed fun environment, Cora shows you different techniques and guides you along. Would highly recommend Cora’s painting course! Not only will you find a new passion, you’ll also come away with a pal in Cora who is always happy to give advice and encouragement long after the course!

Cathal McGrath – Cork

“Cora has been pivotal in my creative expression AND getting comfortable in my own creative expression. She has a way of creating a uniquely fun and supportive environment – promoting an open-heart and an open-mind for each individual to explore and discover their unique expression. That is the style of mentorship we all need when we discovering and growing! Cora’s influence continues to resonate me many years later, if not for her influence and the mindset learned from her abstract painting classes, I would not be the artist I am today! Thank you Cora!”

Jenette Del Monaco,  USA

I first put paint to Canvas in Cora’s Abstract Landscape Workshop.   With no previous background in fine art or even having the desire to explore this creative outlook, the workshop changed me – it enabled me to find an outlet that gave me peace. 3 years on and I am now a full-time working Artist! I would not have been able to achieve any of this if it had not been for Cora’s constant encouragement and mentorship. I urge anyone to join and start their artistic journey  – you  couldn’t wish for a more committed guide to show you the way.

Khadija Khan, London

I’ve learned so much from Cora over the years. Most importantly Cora helped me see that I CAN paint and have my own style! I always love her workshops and recommend her to everyone who wants to paint and enjoy themselves as well.

Fiona Devlin, Cork

Price:  €245.00  Early bird: €195.00 

Please note: Early Bird expires Friday 15th October  2021

Abstracting the Landscape starts 7th November 2021


What materials do I need? How much do materials cost? 

You will need some basic materials including  paint, ink, brushes, palette knives and paper (or canvas). To give you an idea of price, I’ve put together a ‘Cora Pack’  materials list with Cork Art Supplies. This list works on the assumption you have NOTHING and is comprehensive including all tools, paints, inks, paper, canvas and glaze medium. It costs €100 which I think is a reasonable price for the whole shebang! Participants will be circulated a Materials List in advance of the course, so you will have lots of time to get your materials together.

How much time do I need to give every week? 

Ideally, you will give 2 hrs to the LIVE every Sunday (from 11am – 1pm – or the replay). The rest of the workshop is self-paced. Lessons are released week to week, so you can watch, download and rewatch at your own pace.  Ideally if you had an hour extra per week to paint that would be AMAZING! I’m a great believer in the POWER HOUR – we will talk more about that in Week 1!

I haven’t painted since I was a kid. I couldn’t draw a straight line. Is this for me? 

YASS! Oh definitely YASS! I didn’t start painting until I was 30 and I still can’t draw a straight line! And yet, if you ask a 4 year old can they paint – they will ridicule you for your silliness! We can ALL paint – this course is designed to help you love what you love and to tap into your own intuitive way of painting. The BEST bit about workshops for me is that everyone makes their own unique work – none the same but all brilliant!.

I am in a different time zone. Can I join?

Is feidir leat! That’s Irish for ‘Yes you can!’. All workshops and lessons are recorded and downloadable, so please do join us. If you have queries, I will answer them in our private Learning Hub.

Will I get feedback on my work? 

Participants are actively encouraged to share their work and associated queries in our Learning Hub Group. I will be answering questions in our Hub on an ongoing basis.

How long is the painting course available online?

You will have lifetime access to the classroom (and all associated content)  for as long as the classroom stays online (by which I mean that access will be ongoing for years, unforeseen circumstance aside, for as long as this site can be maintained) Our Learning Hub group will stay open so you can be in touch (and in inspiration!) forever and even. Amen!

Can I share the class with others?

While I am DELIGHTED for you to share the work you make in our course with others – online or via social channels etc, I lovingly ask participants not to share their login details, course content and lessons etc with others.  Creating this course and ALL the associated content has taken  a lot of time, effort and resources. The course and its contents are priced fairly, please play fair and support me to support you! X

Cancellations and refund policy. 

Due  to the digital nature of this course, once you have signed up there are no refunds for this course. Please be assured, I will be offering great value for money and the ‘Abstracting the Landscape’ course is suitable for all levels. If you do have any questions in advance, please feel free to email me to:

Price:  €245.00  

Abstracting the Landscape starts 7th November 2021