A series of paintings and collage created in and inspired by the Baja Desert. This collection incorporates found objects and assemblage reflecting the abundant colour & vibrant atmosphere of the Mexican landscape which I find terifically inspiring.

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Contemporary Irish Landscape Paintings of Mayo & Clew Bay. - In recent years I have been making a body of work based on the Mayo Lakes - where my family have fished for over 50 years.'Tight Lines - The Excerpts' - an exhibition of my Mayo Lakes paintings will show at The Custom House on Westport Quay from 8th May - 2nd June 2014.

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Contemporary Irish Art & Abstract Landscape Paintings
My most recent exhibition ‘Ocean’ was a series of contemporary Irish landscape paintings inspired by the Cork Coastline to coincide with Cork International Saliling Week 2012

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Contemporary Abstract Landscape Paintings from County Kerry. I am a regular visitor to the Cill Rialaig Artists’ retreat on Bolus Head. I am constantly inspired by the bogs as living, ever-changing organisms - ancient - the essence of our Irish landscape and the weather which seems to be a perpetual motion.

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Paintings of Cork, Kerry & Clew Bay - I have travelled extensively around the Irish coastline painting my impressions of the Irish Coast, I sometimes integrate mixed media and collage into my oil paintings and original artworks.

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Contemporary Irish Art & Abstract Landscape Paintings
As an emerging Irish Artist & Contemporary Landscape Painter, I love to explore the Irish landscape - and paint my response - making original paintings of the beautiful bogs of Kerry, the Cork Coastline, the majestic Mayo Lakes...

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Paint with Me in 2015!


I am delighted to offer a series of  Weekend Workshops in Cork City. Topics include Adventures in Abstract Art, Collage, Oil Painting, Abstracting the Landscape see more

Each card illustrates an abstracted landscape painting from my collected body of work – ranging from the Kerry Bogs to the Mayo lakes and the many miles in between.  …see more

Paint with me in Italy this August!

Noepoli from Belvedere

Following on from the super success of my Painting Workshops in Italy last year, I am delighted to host a new programme in 2015..  see more